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Hi, I'm Hashim from Pakistan. 24 (I think, not kidding there have been times I've forgotten my age)


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The idea that JD is the meany of the show and fans’ feelings were hurt by him voicing valid frustrations is bullshit, to me.

He had legitimate concerns for legitimate reasons, and rather than support the guy who’s done more for TCGS than almost anyone, some fans—people who didn’t even understand why he was frustrated—decided their own feelings were more important than his.

I’m sorry, but fuck that. If anything is wrong with the show (which I do not think there is) it’s certain fans thinking the show owes them something.

Forget for a moment that JD didn’t actually disrespect us at all… but If you want respect, you have to show it first, and you don’t do that by making demands of the people and show you’re supposed to be admiring.

We fans, as a whole, need to stop trying to insinuate ourselves into the fabric of TCGS so much and stop trying to appropriate everything else. There’s a big difference between being invested and feeling entitled.

For the record, I do agree with everything JD said.

justdreamingaway, Dammit now I feel a little bad for making this.

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Got into a deep discussion with Seinfeld2000 last night after watching The Chris Gethard Show. It’s not a question of how long TCGS should go on, but why TCGS should go on. Indeed.

I’ve thought about this and I honestly can’t think of a reason why it should. I along with most other fans would love to see it go on forever, but that’s not exactly a reason. 

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Two things I value highly in people are:

  • Love for community
  • Transparency

Generally, this is why I don’t trust most businessmen.

I started watching The Chris Gethard Show because of how open the community was. There was honesty, and there was integrity, and from that came a sense of truth…

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Good album

Fuck this is good!

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I wasn’t joking thechrisgethardshow, it was a fucking frat house.

Is this an omen?


We need stronger non-gendered, non-sexualized insults because some people desperately need to be called some shit.


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this blog didnt really take off like i thought it would

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I’m gonna use this. A lot.

I’m gonna use this. A lot.